About Us

Sabor Sabor! Delicious & authentic Mexican cuisine in the Benelux

What do we do ?

Sabor Sabor

Delicious & authentic Mexican cuisine in the Benelux

Provides original Mexican dishes and flavors for your events and workshops , and a collection of: Dishes, ingredients and products for doing yourself your own party of the authentic Mexican cuisine.

We are the main promoter of Mexican Gastronomy in the region, as part of it we organize and participated in diverse programs in the Netherlands Gastronomical Cultural of Mexico

The Service is in The Nederland´s and in the neighbors countries

Sabor Sabor services and products

  • Professional party catering
  • Gourmet dinners
  • Event catering services
  • Cooking workshops
  • Restaurant consulting and design
  • Gastronomic tours and programs
  • Gourmet products & Deli food gift baskets

Authentic Mexican cuisine

 Enjoy the most delicious traditional and contemporary Mexican flavors.

 Create an unforgettable event with one of the oldest world’s cuisines.

 Our professional staff will make your party or event a success.

 Sabor Sabor specializes in Mexican fusion cuisine based on the mixture of traditional ingredients and a modern flair cooking.